Nine Out Of Ten Women Prefer Hard Hat Hair

Nine out of ten women prefer hard hat hair. Okay, so we made that up, but you should be wearing your hard hat regardless of polls, real or made up ones.

At Jasper, SAFETY is EVERYONE’S business. If you are on-site, YOU MUST WEAR A HARDHAT, no exceptions.
This includes you, account managers! If anyone is not wearing a hardhat, report the problem immediately to the appropriate superintendent.
We value your skills as well as your skulls, so keep them safe from falling objects!
If you have any questions concerning Jasper employee safety practices, please use the contact information below.


Jasper Employee Safety Team

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We Like Weird Roofs And We Cannot Lie…

We like weird roofs and we cannot lie! Have you visited Jasper’s Pinterest page recently? Check out some of our new boards and pins. Re-pin if you share our interests. Here are a few sneak peeks.

The only situation you would want your lawn maintenance company to repair your roof!

The only situation you would want your lawn maintenance company to repair your roof!

OSHA might need to tweak some rules for this roof!

OSHA might need to tweak some rules for this roof!

We'd rather eat a porcini than roof a porcini, but this is pretty neat regardless!

We’d rather eat a porcini than roof a porcini, but this is pretty neat regardless!


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What Should I Expect Regarding My Roof Installation with Jasper Contractors

What should I expect regarding my roof installation? Jasper Contractors roofing company spells out exactly how to help you step by step throughout the entire process. We have even provided you exactly what we send our homeowners before we install their new roof. We reiterate the day, time, color choices as well as pertinent information on what your role is with your Insurance or Mortgage company. Let us know what you think:

CONGRATULATIONS, your roof is scheduled for installation!

Here are your installation details:
Date of install-
Shingle color-
Drip edge color-
Check pick up-

Please take a moment to read the following information regarding your construction project, payment schedule and the attached “Notice to Homeowners” document so you know what to expect next.

Your Insurance Company will usually pay the claim out in 2 or 3 checks:

-1st check (“Actual Cash Value”) – this is to provide you with some compensation to start your repairs. We collect your deductible and first check before or on the morning of installation.

-2nd check (“Depreciation”) – this is released once the IC confirms that the project has been completed. No worries, Jasper handles the paperwork involved so you don’t have to!

-Possible 3rd check (“Supplement”) – this is for items that were missed on the original claim due to unforeseen issues or required for code upgrade. Note: Although, the invoice may reflect that we are supplementing items, you are NOT responsible to pay this until your Insurance Company approves and releases the additional funds.

*If you have a mortgage company, you must:
1.) Write the loan # on the check prior to pick up time.
2.) Call your mortgage company at least 48 hours prior to check pick up to advise them that you are sending a claims check for endorsement and also ask for the specific paperwork needed for YOUR account.
4.) Send the mortgage company documents and the completed “Third Party Authorization Form” attached in this email to so that we can begin completing your paperwork right away.
5.) If your claim is over $10K you must call the mortgage company on the day of installation to set up an inspection.

Your Warranty Package will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks upon completion of all payments.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-766-3188. Have a great day!

-The Jasper Team

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Jasper Roofing Company Acknowledges Top Performers for July 2014

Here are some of our top earners for the month July. Congratulations, guys!

Robert Driggers- July earnings- $12,443.30

Robert Driggers
July earnings: $12,443.30

 See how Robert made over $200,000 in revenue in one month.

Dan Davis July Earnings: $9,663.40

Dan Davis
July Earnings: $9,663.40

Ryan Harrison July Earnings: $9,496.60

Ryan Harrison
July Earnings: $9,496.60

Ryan has made it in the top 5 again!

Kyle Schiro July Earnings: $8,956.60

Kyle Schiro
July Earnings: $8,956.60

Marshall Adams July Earnings: $7,960.00

Marshall Adams
July Earnings: $7,960.00

Marshall has made it in the top 5 again!

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Jasper Roofing Company Reviews in Evansville, IN

Jasper Contractors continues to receive 5 star roofing company reviews in Evansville, IN. We want to thank our homeowners for taking the time to give us your feedback! Here are some reviews from last week:

Quick & Neat

The work took the crew 8-1/2 hours to complete. All trash, nails, etc. were picked up and removed. The required supervision was provided and the salesperson took care of the paperwork.

-Randy C.
Evansville, IN

Did a good job

Jasper Contractors put in a new roof for me. They did a good job. They did an unbelievable clean-up, and they were able to complete the job within one day. Everything looked very good once they were done, and the prices were good and reasonable.

-John J.
Newburgh, IN

A seriously professional and customer service pro active company.

My whole experience with Jasper Roofing was a pleasure and I highly recommend it.

-Michael L.
Newburgh, IN

Go to our Customer Lobby page to read all of our Evansville, IN reviews or post your own.

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Why You Need A Licensed Roofing Company Contractor

Why do you need a licensed roofing company contractor?


So, you’ve decided to get a new roof… what do you do next? One of the many things a homeowner forgets to consider (before it’s too late!) is whether or not the roofing company contractor they chose follows all applicable licensing and safety laws.

First, chose a licensed roofing company contractor. This not only ensures that you get what you are paying for- someone who knows what they are doing- but it guarantees that you, the homeowner, are protected. The licensing process requires contractors to submit proof of insurance. Contractors who aren’t licensed may be a little cheaper but, if an accident ever happens, your homeowners insurance may be required to pay for it, thereby increasing your premiums. The risk is not worth it!

In addition, licensed contractors are aware of the safety precautions which they are required, by law, to follow. At Jasper, we strive every day to train and enforce the stringent standards established by the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA). Whenever you see Jasper, you will see professional crews wearing harnesses, hardhats and safety goggles. Simply put, we value our employees and look after their well-being. No one plans for an accident to happen but, if it ever does, both you and our workers are protected.

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