“No Paperwork Nightmare”

“I could not be home when Jasper Roofing came in to replace my roof. My wife commented to me the following. The workers were:
Always courteous, kept clean after themselves, cleaned up after the job, worked very hard and did a darn fine job. Very high praise. From me:
No paperwork nightmare- Answered every question. No pressure sales-Nice to see a company talk the talk and walk the walk these days”

William W.
Middleburg, FL

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10 Different Types of Roofs for your Home

There are many different types of roofs, which you’ll start to notice as you begin to pay more attention to roofing. Many of us just think in terms of flat roofs and pitched roofs but there are many different gradations and styles of each. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the different options for roofing materials

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BY Kathryn


“Matt Is My Roofing Champion!”

Matt is my roofing Champion!

“Matt Champion went above and beyond normal requirements getting my roof assessed and paid for by my insurance company. He then scheduled my roof replacement in a timely manner and made sure everything was handled in a professional manner. Matt is my roofing Champion!”

-Mark J.
Middleburg, FL

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“Excellent Service with Jasper!!”

Excellent Service with Jasper!!

My service with Jasper has been excellent. From the minute I discussed the roof replacement with Jasper’s Roofing Expert, they took full control in assisting me with assessing the hail damage to my roof, working with my insurance adjuster, helping me understand my liability, selection of materials through to completion of work….they have been flawless. They truly deliver 5-Star service…thank you!

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“Jasper Roofing Nails It”

Review from a fellow contractor in Jacksonville, FL

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“very professional, always answered the phone when called. I’am also a contractor and I know how important availability to your customers is to business. Jasper roofing nails it.”

Screaming from the rooftops: When insurance won’t cover repairs

Screaming from the rooftops: When insurance won’t cover repairs
“The roof over your head” stands for shelter, a basic human need. But this essential feature could also pose a threat to your home. According to insurance industry experts, some providers are limiting their liability by imposing an age limit on the roofs. If the roof is older than the limit set by the insurer, insurers may refuse giving you a policy.

“Every company is different on how they view older roofs,” said Loretta Worters, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute in New York City. “But more and more companies refuse to renew existing homeowner insurance policies where roofs are older than 20 years without passing an inspection, or failed inspections require roof replacement prior to renewal. There are some companies that are also paying actual cash value for roof replacements for older roofs or not writing a new policy with roofs over 20 years old until they are replaced.”

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How to Nail a Job Interview in 5 Steps

Okay, so the hardest part is over — your foot is in the door, you got the interview. The date is set and you’re meeting with one or more important decision-makers. Now it’s time to plan your attack on How to Nail a Job Interview in 5 Steps.

Sure, interviews can be stressful. Your entire history is subject to examination under a microscope, and you’ve got a small chunk of time to convince your potential employer why hiring you would be a fantastic business decision. With a little forethought, a bit of practice and the right attitude, you can walk away from that office expecting a good news phone call in the near future.

Of course, you’ve got to have the credentials they’re looking for, and you’ve got to present all the facts in a way that is professional and near perfect. Not one typo on the resume. Format it beautifully. Spring for the thick resume paper. Make sure every detail of your appearance is flawless. Smile a lot. Make eye contact. Firm handshake. In addition to these commonsense strong interview tactics, there are a few other aspects of your time in the spotlight you need to focus on. Take these five suggestions to heart as you build your interview arsenal.
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BY Lindsey Kesel at Huffingtonpost.com

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